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Answer Quick Offers a Wide Range of Telephone Answering and Call Center Services

For over 30 years, Answer Quick has been answering phone calls and delivering valuable information back to our clients. Companies large and small, all over the U.S., trust Answer Quick to act as their receptionist, after hours call center, or general call management service. Below are just a few of our service offerings.
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Ad Response

Are your ingenious marketing ideas generating more calls than you can handle? Let Answer Quick handle them for you. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to take the information you need from callers to assure quick and easy follow-up by your staff. We can even provide you with a special phone number dedicated to specific marketing pieces so you can identify your success rates.

Appointment Confirmation & Scheduling

Allow our staff to be an extension of your office. Cloud based programs allow both our staff and yours to schedule appointments, reminders, or reservations. If you want to free up even more of your staff’s time, allow us to call your clients and remind them of their appointments or reservations so you do not have empty time slots due to forgotten appointments.

Caller ID Capture

Capture of Caller ID (Automatic Number Identification) is available for you on every message, enabling you to see the phone number the caller called from. We can even capture the Caller ID when callers call into our voicemail system. This enables you to return phone calls, even when no message is left by the caller. Caller ID is captured when available.

Customized Services

Answer Quick Services can be tailored to fit your special needs and circumstances. Our state-of-the-art system will allow us to design an application that will serve you in the most effective manner. Call us to let us help you design your custom application today!

Database Look-Up & Create

Answer Quick can download the client database information you provide from a spreadsheet or we can create one for you. Databases could include names, addresses, phone, the caller’s account number, product type, serial numbers or any information that would be relevant to processing your phone calls more efficiently. We can also add to your database with new caller information so that the next time the call is received our operators have instant access to information already given, enhancing your caller’s experience.

Daytime Answer / After Hours Voicemail

We can provide you with a more professional image by delivering live agent answering Monday through Friday, with after hours, weekend and holiday callers going to voicemail. We can customize your live answer based on your own business hours. This is a perfect solution for offices with fewer than 20 employees. Let us provide the technology so you don’t have to!

Dealer Locate / Referral

Provide your callers with the most convenient location to obtain your products or services by using our Dealer Locate Service. Using your database, we can perform look-ups to the nearest serving center or the location that services a particular product. We can also provide a referral service whereby the referrals are rotated equally if desired.

Disaster Relief Services / Disaster Back-Up

Don’t let a weather emergency or disaster stop your business cold; let us help you continue to do business. Allow Answer Quick to be the communication link not only between management and employees but also to act as a connection to your customers. We can provide you with a local number or a toll free number to keep you connected and keep your business operating in the event of an emergency.

Secure Message Dispatching (HIPAA Compliant)

Our Secure Message App keeps your messages secure and is HIPAA Compliant. Not only for medical practioners, this application is for anyone who wants messages kept secure, and wants to be able to track delivery to the device. Manage all your secure devices through a cloud based application, which also allows you to send a receive messages. Our secure message application also allows peer-to-peer communication, meaning that you can communicate directly without going through the answering service, and you can also communicate with other people who are using the same application.

Fax Line / Overflow Fax Line

We can provide you with an extra fax line, so that if your fax is busy, the fax will be directed to your private Answer Quick fax number. All received faxes are then forwarded to your email address.

Help Desk

Let our staff handle your help desk. Using our Internet capabilities we can open tickets and dispatch directly either from your web-based system or we can create your Help Desk at Answer Quick by defining Q & A forms to enable our agents to handle the calls and even dispatch to the appropriate on-call staff when desired.


This feature allows you to log into an online portal to view your messages. As always, messages are dated and time stamped. The message will be presented within the form that was set up specifically for each type of message we take for you. Your messages are stored online for 29 days. You may print the message or copy and paste the desired message. You can even save it to a file on your desktop.

Operator Services

Real people, doing real work. And they're friendly too.

Use Answer Quick’s award winning* call center agents (fourteen years in a row!) to answer your calls. Using your unique answering phrase, our staff will take messages and deliver them as you have instructed. Your message form or information form is customized to meet the special needs of your business, so that you can provide your customers with the service they deserve.

Message delivery can be accomplished using text message devices, cell phones, pagers, voicemail, fax, email and via our web accessible Dashboard.

We can also handle your daytime overflow traffic – your callers will get answers, not busy signals. The information is then promptly routed to the appropriate person. No missed opportunities.

In addition to investing in ongoing training and accreditation for our staff, we invest in the latest technology so that your business benefits from the efficiency and convenience that technology provides, such as web access to messages and on call schedules, advanced scripting, and the ability to receive emailed messages from you and your clients in addition to voice messages.

Order Taking

When your customer is ready to buy, make sure someone is ready to help them! Our staff can take your orders and answer questions. We can deliver to your customers the option to request information or buy from you 24 hours a day. We can take your orders on line at your website, or we can program your order form in our system. Our staff receives training on all product offerings and on site samples (when available) enable them to answer your buyers’ questions.

Provide customers at your website with a telephone number that is answered 24 hours a day. Our staff can provide sales support when you are not available to. Don’t let your shopping carts be abandoned before check out! Order delivery options include fax, email and comma delimited file formats.

Text Confirm

This service allows you to acknowledge that you received your message without making a phone call. When activated on your account, you can send a “clear the message/file the message” command. Once our equipment receives your command, the message is filed, with no further action needed by you or our staff.

Patch Incoming Callers to your Designated Phone Number

Some callers need your personal and immediate attention. We can quickly connect the caller directly to an individual, a department or whatever number you designate, all per your instructions.

Virtual Receptionist Services

Our professional customer service representatives can handle your calls during office hours and direct callers to the appropriate person, or take a message (if that person is not available) or we can transfer the inbound caller to voicemail. Alternatively, we can allow the caller to hear your customized automated greeting and then be connected to our representative for further call handling based on your criteria.
Virtual Phone Systems / Voicemail Services

Call Transfer

Your voicemail box can give callers the option of speaking with you or a member of your staff simply by pressing a button. You can give callers this information during your greeting, or the information can be given to your key customers as a “back door” way to reach you.

Custom Services are available. Just give us a call!

Intelligent Message Delivery Options

  • We can send you a text message as “message waiting” along with the Caller ID included in the text message.
  • We can send your voice message delivered via email as a .wav file (sound card required). Caller ID included in subject line of message.
  • We can provide you with a digital pager notification
  • We can send your voice message to your cell phone allowing you to play the recorded message.

Screened Patching of Callers / Follow Me

Callers are greeted and prompted to state their name. They are then asked to “please stay on the line while I try to reach your party”. While the caller is waiting the system will call the number you left to reach you. Once the system reaches you, the caller’s name is played for you (in the caller’s own voice) and you are given the option of accepting or declining the call. If you accept, you are immediately connected to your caller. If you decline the call, or the system doesn’t reach you, your caller is prompted to leave a message. This helps you manage your time, while still being available to take only the most important phone calls.

Website Customer Support

Our staff can access your website and provide assistance to your customers by giving directions, accessing on line databases, and taking orders. Don't let another customer take their business elsewhere because of unanswered questions about your product or service. Keep your website open by providing a telephone number that is answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will access your website and provide assistance to your customers by accessing on line databases and taking orders from customers who would prefer to speak to a real person or who may be frustrated making on line purchases.

Web Programmable on Call Schedule

Manage your on call schedule from the web. You can add and delete information, make updates and changes easily and quickly. Once the information is submitted, it is instantly updated for our operators so that the correct individual is contacted even when last minute changes are made.

Voicemail with Operator Access

Use a combination of voicemail and operators to provide your company with the most efficient mix of services.
Your personalized voicemail greeting can be recorded with a single greeting or we can provide different menu choices that can give your customers information about operating hours, provide department lists with individual greetings or with a simple option to press Zero for immediate assistance. We can also play a holiday message on your observed holidays, and we customize your message during special circumstances like closures due to bad weather or other unexpected events.

You may also offer callers the option to leave private voicemail messages.

Our Receptionist Plus service gives you the option of using operators during your normal business hours, with a personalized voicemail greeting playing during your non-business hours with or without the option to press zero.

Another choice would be to have callers greeted by an operator and then transferred to the appropriate voicemail box. Your voicemail can also be set up to perform pages or notify the individual if desired.
Call Center Award of Distinction
Fewer than 15 companies across the country have been designated with the prestigious “Award of Excellence” fourteen years in a row. The Award of Excellence is a "mystery caller" program administered by our industry association, ATSI.