As the days get longer, we are seeing an increase in our call volumes, and we imagine the same is true for our customers. Are there times during the day that you worry that your callers are being turned away by a busy signal? Do you wonder if the spikes in calls are enough to justify the expense of another staff member? Does it seem that there are times when you have more calls coming in than people to handle them, and even worse, do you sometimes feel that the ringing phone is interrupting your "work"?

It just so happens that there is a whole group of people whose "work" is to answer phones. Professionally trained and skilled in customer service, our agents can handle your extra call volume during those spikes in phone calls. There are two services available from your local telephone company that will help you accomplish this. The first service, often referred to as "call forward busy line", will send your calls to an alternate number instead of turning your callers away with a busy signal. The second service "call forward no answer" will forward your unanswered calls to an alternate number instead of your callers not getting answered. That alternate number would be the same answering service number that you use for forwarding calls at night when you leave the office.

We will program your account so that our agents have the instructions for handling your calls during business hours, and we can even design daytime message forms so that we get the right information from your callers. All this can be accomplished with a couple of phone calls. Call us first so that we discuss your specific needs. Then a call to your telephone provider to order the right call-forwarding feature for your needs will allow you to cross "we need help answering our phones" off your to-do list and get back to work.