Operator Services

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Operator Services

Use our award winning customer service representatives to answer your calls. Our staff will take messages and deliver them to you as you have instructed. Your message slip is customized to meet the special needs of your business, so that you can provide your customers with the service they deserve.

All calls are handled according to the instructions you have given our staff. Message delivery options include text messages to cell phones or alpha pagers, secure message app, cell phones, fax and email.

We can also handle your daytime overflow traffic – your callers will get answers, not busy signals. The information is then promptly routed to the appropriate person. No missed opportunities.

In addition to investing in ongoing training and accreditation for our staff, we invest in the latest technology so that your business benefits from the efficiency and convenience that technology provides. This includes online access to messages and on call schedules through our Intellisite Account Dashboard. The use of advanced scripting makes sure that our agents have the tools necessary to smoothly handle your customers unique needs. Our ability to receive emailed messages from you and your clients in addition to typical phone calls, allows you to connect with your clients in more ways than every before.

Call Screening with Operator Access

Use a combination of an informational prescreening message and operators to provide your company with the most efficient mix of services. Your personalized greeting will give your customers information about operating hours, with an option to press Zero (or any key) for immediate assistance. You may also offer callers the option to leave private voicemail messages. Our Receptionist Plus service gives you the option of using operators during your normal business hours, with a personalized voicemail announcement playing during your non-business hours.
We are standing by and ready to answer your phones! 888-970-9908. Let us take care of your callers when you can't.