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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are you open 24 hours?
A. Yes, we operate 24/7/365. Our staff is available around the clock to take care of your callers.

Q. Are you open on holidays?
A. Yes, we are available to take your calls. We will have your observed holidays listed in your account so that we can give accurate information to your calls
Q. Can I see my on call schedule on the web?
A. Yes, access is available through our Intellisite. Contact customer service to get this set up. You may also edit or enter your call schedules.  

Q. Can I see my messages on the web?
A. Yes, access is available through our Intellisite. Contact customer service to get this set up.

Q. What is the address to check messages on line?
A. Please contact customer service for this confidential link.

Q. Can I set up my account so that it is automatically billed to my credit card or bank account?
A. Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and E-checks. After each invoice is generated your balance due will be charged to your preferred payment method, and a paid receipt emailed to you for your records.

Q. How soon can service be set up?
A.  Most services can be set up within five to ten days of receipt of your customer profile. This allows us adequate time to program your account and train our staff so that they are ready to take your calls.  An Answer Quick representative will work closely with you during your setup to ensure that we meet or exceed your customer service expectations.

Q. Are calls recorded?
A. Yes, we do record calls for quality assurance and training purposes.

Q. Do you offer HIPAA compliant message delivery?
A. Yes, our Secure Message application is HIPAA compliant.

Q. My calls are going to some one else's number, what can I do?
A. Deactivate your call forwarding & then activate it again.

Q. Acustomer told me that he called my business last night and the phone was never answered. What happened?
A. If call volumes are so high that an operator cannot answer your call by the fourth ring, our system automatically answers that call with the automated message we have recorded for your company. If a customer says his call was never answered, he probably dialed the wrong number. You would be surprised how many times we misdial because we are thinking about something else when we are dialing.

Q. How can I be sure my phone has been successfully call forwarded to you?
A. Generally speaking, dial your call forwarding programming code again (for example 72# or *72). If you get a fast busy signal, you have done it correctly. Or, call your forwarded number from another line to confirm that we answer.

Q. Can my call forwarding be dropped off by your equipment?
A. No. Call Forwarding is activated and deactivated at the telephone company central office. It can only happen there. If you want it tested periodically, you can arrange for operators to do this. You can also order a service from your telephone provider called "Call forward no answer". What this feature does is forward any calls that go unanswered for a predetermined amount of time (i.e. 60 seconds) to a pre-programmed number.

Q. My calls are not going through to the answering service. How can I tell what is the problem? Is it the number I am forwarding to at the service or is something wrong with my call forwarding?
A. Call the number you are forwarding to. If the answering service picks up, then the issue is most likely on your end.

Q. Why do I sometimes experience a delay in receiving an emailed message?
A. E-mails can be delayed when an outbound mail message is unable to be sent to a destination mail server. It is most likely the result of bandwidth contention or the remote server is experiencing difficulties, is off-line or is under significant load. It is difficult to establish why the server is not contactable.

If a host is offline or not contactable, the message will then be queued to be resent at a later time. The Mail Server will continue trying to send the message until the message has either:

1. Been delivered to the target mail server
2. Expired after 24 hours.

Q. Why am I not receiving my pages?
A. A pager is essentially a radio. There are numerous reasons for not receiving a page from any service.

  • Pager is not on. (Similar to your radio in the car, if it isn't on, you can't hear the music.)
  • The battery is dead.
  • You have traveled outside your coverage area. (Even nationwide pagers have coverage areas, are not necessarily covered everywhere in the country.)
  • On occasion, pagers become what is known as intermittent. (Meaning sometimes they work, sometimes they don't.)
  • Some basements, parking garages and subways will block paging signals.
  • Some buildings are actually designed to block frequencies, thus preventing pages.

Q. How do I forward/un-forward my calls to the service?
A. This is the general rule of thumb. Some telephone companies are different and some interconnect phone switches may change this information. When using the programmable (variable) call forwarding, you need to put in a 72# or *72 to forward your phones and 73# or *73 to cancel the call forwarding. If you experience a busy signal during this process, it means that your phone is already forwarded or un-forwarded. My best suggestion is to cancel the forwarding and re-forward your phones again. If you have any doubt or questions regarding your call forwarding, contact your telephone service provider.

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