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The Best Solutions, No Matter What Your Business
Since 1983 Answer Quick has been answering phones and keeping you connected with your customers.  Whether your customer has an emergency or other urgent need, a simple question, or needs some reassurance, our staff is here to take care of them when you are away from your phones. 
HIPAA compliant communication for Medical Professionals
Physicians, Home Health Care, Hospice, Durable Medical Equipment Providers and Counselors

Our staff is trained to understand the culture of confidentiality required for HIPAA Compliance. Our Secure Message Application is ideal for anyone who needs messages to be kept secure, or wants to be able to track delivery to its receiver.  Learn more about our Secure Messaging application here. 

Service Business Workflow

HVAC Contractors, Plumbers, Electrical Technicians, Roofing Professionals, Service Companies, Home Inspectors, Painters

Let Answer Quick become part of your daily workflow. Let us communicate with your clients. All you have to do is show up and do what you do best. 

Small Business Solutions

Real Estate Professionals, Insurance Agencies, Marketing Professionals, Design Professionals, Accountants, Service Companies

Operating a small business or one with limited employees doesn't mean customer service should be sacrificed. Get a "big business advantage"  with Answer Quick. We provide a full spectrum of solutions for businesses of all sizes. 

We are an Extension of your Marketing Efforts

E-commerce Companies, Retail Companies, Technology Services

Are your ingenious marketing ideas generating more calls and sales than you can handle? Growing your business fast can be both exciting and scary. Let Answer Quick offer you a scalable Customer Service solution to fluctuate with your growth.  We're available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to take the information you need from callers to assure quick and easy follow-up by your staff.  
2016 ATSI Award of Distinction Top Score