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Secure Message Plus ApplicationSafeguard Your "Text" Communications with our Secure Message Application

Text messaging has become the method of choice for communication, but it is not HIPAA compliant nor is it considered secure.  With our Startel Secure Message Plus application, you can still "text” but in a compliant application.            

 Maintain Control


  •       Users can't forward, copy, save or print messages. This prevents the sharing of sensitive information.  
  •        You determine when a message expires, not to exceed 30 days.
  •        With the ability to track a message's status, you will know when a message was sent, viewed, read or filed.
  •        Send and Receive Image/Voice Attachments securely


Compatible and Compliant


  •         Sync the application on up to 3 devices (including tablets and smartphones) and can be accessed online.
  •         Compatible with the latest version of iOS ® and Android ®
  •        Compliant with the latest requirements for HIPAA, HITECH, SOX and GLBA. Securely stores, transmits and downloads information.


 Easy Management


  •         Lost/Stolen devices can be remotely wiped, allowing you to erase the SM+ app data from the device.
  •         Online Administrative Access - manage users and their devices, set and reset credentials via a secure HTTPS website.
  •        Password protection - determine password strength and lockout settings.