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Virtual Receptionists as a Customer Service Secret Weapon

Virtual receptionist service is a powerful option in the business world today. You may not even be aware that this service exists, or that you've  probably talked with a virtual receptionist already. Great virtual receptionists think of themselves as an extension of their customer's office. Their whole focus is helping your business to gain and to retain clients successfully. Virtual receptionists support your business by providing exceptional customer service to your callers.

A winning first impression

Many people make the mistake of thinking that offering their callers voicemail is the same as a real person answering their telephones. Keep in mind how you felt when you called a business and got a recording. You were probably thinking: "When will someone call me back?" or "Will someone be able to help me?" or "Will anyone even hear my message?" This is likely to be what your callers are thinking when THEY have to leave a voicemail message.

Your customer is our priority

Having a staff of professionally trained receptionists gives your callers a sense that someone on your team will be helping them right away. They are told who is getting their message, who will be calling them back, and that yes they will be served. Available to you either during business hours only, or on a customized schedule, our virtual receptionist service will increase customer satisfaction. Outsourcing your telephone answering needs is a simple way to make your office run smoothly, efficiently, and give you an advantage over your competition.

An affordable option

When you outsource to a virtual receptionist service, you can eliminate hourly wages, the cost of benefits such as healthcare, workmen's compensation insurance and other payroll line items. Then there is the cost of hiring and training, not to mention the other challenging aspects of managing people. Virtualizing your office staff can also save you on the cost of office space, as less staff means less square footage needed. It can also allow for greater flexibility in location. Many successful companies run completely virtual or remote offices. Depending on your business model, the expense of a typical bricks-and-mortar facility may not even be necessary.