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Telephone Answering Service

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Our virtual phone system can answer your calls, take a message, find you or transfer callers to your extension, your cell phone or your home phone.


Our state of the art voice mail system does it all. Standard voice mailboxes are available with advanced features such as Caller ID (at the press of a button), call transfer, screened patching of callers and intelligent message delivery.

Your voicemail box can give callers the option of speaking with you or a member of your staff simply by pressing a button. You can give callers this information during your greeting, or the information can be given to your key customers as a "back door" way to reach you.
This feature works exactly like call transfer with one key difference. Callers are prompted to give their name and then placed on hold while the voicemail system attempts to contact you. If our voicemail system reaches you, the callers name is played and you are given the option of accepting or declining the call. If you accept, you are immediately connected to your caller. If you decline the call, or the system doesn't reach you, your caller is prompted to leave you a message.


  • Notification of message waiting as a text message, with Caller ID.
  • Actual message delivered via email as an .mp3 file (sound card required). Caller ID included in subject line of message.
  • Delivery to cell phone or other designated number.